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Cookie policy

What is a cookie and why do we utilize them?

A cookie is a small piece of text stored in your web browser that gets downloaded to your computer when you visit a particular website. In certain instances, our websites also employ third-party cookies.

Cookies enable us to enhance the efficiency of website operations and provide a superior browsing experience for visitors. Thanks to cookies, we can automatically customize the website content to align with your preferences and requirements. For instance, persistent cookies are employed by the website administrator to remember the user's language preference, eliminating the need for the user to reselect their language each time they revisit the website. Additionally, we utilize session cookies, which are temporarily stored on the user's computer only during the duration of website usage.

Cookies also furnish us with user statistics, allowing us to assess and improve the website's performance. The information acquired is utilized to enhance the usability and content of the website.

User privacy is a priority for us, and we aim to ensure that users feel secure when navigating our websites. Consequently, users have the flexibility to modify their cookie preferences either in the cookie settings or within their browser settings at any time. Deleting previously installed cookies from your device may require adjustments to browser settings or manual deletion in some cases. However, in such instances, we cannot guarantee the expected or proper functioning of our services.

Our cookies collect data in an anonymous format and do not store personal information about you, ensuring that you cannot be identified.

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