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The idea of building partnerships between European mainland countries and overseas EU countries and territories for environmental sustainability is crucial to creating a better future for all. With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly evident, it is essential to work towards creating a sustainable and resilient future for all regions of the world. The partnership building activity “STRUCTURES” aims to strengthen ties between European mainland countries and overseas EU countries and territories, with the goal of building an inclusive future for environmental sustainability.


The needs for this project are clear: to establish strong partnerships that will help address the environmental challenges facing many overseas EU countries and territories. 

"STRUCTURES" is a partnership building activity, which main objectives are:

  • Developing Erasmus+ projects that will address environmental sustainability challenges in overseas territories;

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise;

  • Building strong and lasting partnerships.

During the partnership building activity, new Erasmus+ projects will be designed and applied for in the next deadlines, which will be implemented in overseas territories. These Erasmus+ projects will focus on promoting environmental sustainability in rural areas, confronting natural disasters, developing skills and competences related to environmental conservation among local communities. 

​1 representative from Ethos MTÜ will go to participate in this activity.

To build new opportunities for the future!

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