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Ethos MTÜ

A place that brings people together.

Ethos MTÜ was officially founded in 2022, however, the people who stand at the origins have many years of previous experience in the field of education, psychology, non-formal and informal learning.


Ethos opens the door for Estonian and international youth to the world of Erasmus+, and also offers speech therapy and psychological assistance.

Aristotle interpreted ethos as a way of depicting a person's character through the style of his speech and through purposefulness as the main sign of human activity.

Tradition, acceptance and empowerment are very important to us at Ethos.


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Aleksandra Galkina

Board member, project manager,

youth activity coordinator

Choir conductor, speech therapist

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Lucas Docampo

Partner from Spain

(Valdeorras Vive), youth trainer

Clinical psychologist, rural entrepreneur


Dari Arite


Volunteer, leader of the youth exchange "Camino Estonia"

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