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E&E: Eesti & España - together for our youth


"Eesti & España: together for our youth" is a one-year cooperation between two associations: Ethos MTÜ from Estonia and Valdeorras Vive from Spain to bring exchanges and activities related to youth entrepreneurship and support of youth from rural areas.
Our goals are to promote active citizenship among the youngsters, impulse new initiatives and youth entrepreneurs of our regions and strength cooperation between Spain and Estonia.
Thus, this is first exchange of a small-scale partnership project of one year duration, that will happen in October in Peñalba de Santiago (Spain).


  • Active citizenship 

We seek for youth to be actively involved in society. A youth that knows its region, its weaknesses and strengths and that wants to be part of the change.

  • Rural, social and youth entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship needs strong connections, even more so when it is born in rural areas. We want to be an impulse to shape your ideas.

  • Cooperation between Spain and Estonia

Spain and Estonia seem to have little in common but deep down they share many similar challenges. We believe that cooperation is the key to success.

  • Common values and sense of initiative

Beyond geographical distances, many common values unite us. We are diverse societies that want to look at the future of our regions with pride and enthusiasm.

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