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Under the surface


   Nowadays the media is overwhelmed and its role in the society is increasing. Info communication services have transformed our habits and lifestyle. We live our lives and organize our lives on/with the internet. In the online space we meet and communicate in the same way as in the offline world. 
   With the spread of the online world, its dangers also appeared. Not only the user's data can be unauthorized, but it transforms our understanding, perceptions, attitudes and habits in our real environment, and can damage our personality. 
   The concept of violence, online harassment, has emerged in the media. On social networking sites, users can hide their identity, show other characters than they are in the reality. Risk factors are the applications that allow harmful content and make contact with strangers, the use them is longterm, extremely harmful and difficult to repair in young people's life. The deformed, idealized content of social media can damage the correct judgment of their immediate surroundings, friendships, community relationships, private-sector values, and the media-based advertisements format younger consumers' habits.

   Because, the online space is public space, so every rule in a democratic society should prevail.

Objectives and goals:

  • To bring together similarities, differences between cultures.

  • To reduce discrimination.

  • To promote conscious internet use.

  • To reach a higher level of critical thinking.

  • To use creative methods of decision-making and to involve local communities.

The exchange focuses on the development of young people´s skills in communication and social sensitivity.

Check the infopack here


Participation fee 10€ for participants from Estonia.

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