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Be Healthy

About the project:

The project "Be Healthy" consists of one youth exchange in Sweden where you will get:

  • Intercultural experience

  • Learn about how you can increase your physical & mental wellbeing

  • Work in international teams

  • Plan and implement a Be Healthy workshop

The aim of the project is to engage young people in the topic of physical and mental wellbeing, empower them with skills of how to increase their own wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle and connect young people from different countries to learn from each other.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Provide time and space for young people to learn about physical and mental health

  • Empower young people with skills of how to be increase physical and mental health

  • Create a be healthy workshop to engage the local community with a healthy lifestyle

The youth exchange will be held in Kopparberg, located 219 km west of Stockholm. Kopparberg is a small village famous for the brewery and is located one hour from Örebro - the sixth largest city in Sweden.

We are looking for 7 participants from Estonia between 13-15 y.o. and 1 experienced group leader 18+.

Hosting organisation and a coordinator of the project ¨Awesome People¨ is a youth NGO that has great experience in organising such programmes since 2013. Every time we were working with them, participants were very happy with the experience!

Once selection of the participants is done, we will have a preparation meeting with the whole group and a group leader, and we will sign the agreements with parents of every youngster. 

We highly recommend this project, especially for those, who's never been to a Youth Exchange before!

There is a participation fee of 25€ in this project.

Full Infopack will be sent to selected participants.

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