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Bye, bye boomer. You(th) taking over digitized democratic decision-making processes

Topic: Open data and eDemocracy


  • To map the barriers to youth participation in terms of concrete skills and capacities of young people - with a special focus on digitalisation and inclusiveness.

  • To create a better understanding of fields of action in increasingly digitized democratic processes and to raise awareness of threats of personal freedom in the digital space.

  • To create a space for the exchange of experiences in the field of digital activism with a focus on digital human rights protection and the deliberation about a joint vision of the role of youth leaders in this field; and to provide an environment where best practices, as well as struggles and failures, can be shared. 

  • To provide participants with the opportunity to reflect (in a structured way) on their own aspirations as political figures in their respective societies and to sketch their very own “Personal Development Strategy.”

  • To offer target seminars that tackle various manifestations of digitization in democracies, ranging from classical media to the necessities of education in this field and the importance of data

  • To develop a sustainable notion of “future political activism”—which will challenge the orthodox understanding of political engagement and display the different layers of youth leadership. These findings will be concluded in a digital advocacy campaign for digital rights with a strong focus on youth.

No participation fee for participants from Estonia.

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