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From Disconnection to Beyond

Outdoor activities and nature are the perfect scenario to develop connections with ourselves and other youngsters, contribute to personal growth and social awareness. Νature reduces anger, fear, stress and increases pleasant feelings.

With this project, we want to empower young people to learn to use different tools as methods of self-reflection and communication as a way of getting to know other cultures and building bridges between people with cultural differences. The project is designed to bring the participants closer to their feelings through outdoor activities, dancing, hiking and writing.

Participant profile:

We are looking for 6 participants between 20-30 y.o. (1 experienced team leader + 5 participants), who want to be more connected with themself, others and nature. It is necessary to have a basic level of physical activity.


There is a participation fee of 20€ in this project.

Check the Infopack here

UPD: Application period is over, the team is recruited.

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