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From Rural to Plural

European Youth Village is a strategic program aiming to empower rural communities and transform them into comprehensive, inclusive, resilient, and self-sustaining Youth Ecosystems by fostering a culture of youth participation, leadership, and innovation and facilitating multi-sectoral alignment with local, national, and European policy frameworks.

In summary, the European Youth Village program's goals revolve around creating empowered, active, and aware young people in rural areas, while also shaping policies, strategies, and systems that support their growth and development.

"From Rural to Plural" is a partnership building activity, which main objectives are:

  • Networking and relationship building;

  • Skill and knowledge development;

  • Understanding the European Youth Village Program;

  • Planning collaborative projects;

  • Sharing best practices;

  • Empowerment of rural youth;

  • Cultural exchange and understanding;

  • Sefng the foundation for future collaboration.

We are looking for youth workers, youth organizers or youth leaders with the age above 18 years old, actively involved in working with young people from rural areas, interested to develop specific skills to work with rural youth and connect to our European Youth Village program – as part of our strategic approach to scale the program at European level.

​4 representatives from Ethos MTÜ will go to participate in this activity.

To build new opportunities for the future!

There is participation fee of 20€. 

The Infopack has more details about the European Youth Village program. More details will be shared with selected participants.

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