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The Future is ECO

“The Future is ECO" is a youth exchange, which main aim is to involve 47 participants from 7 different countries in order to raise awareness and improve young people's knowledge of sustainable tourism as a means to promote a sustainable lifestyle, inclusion and tolerance, while fostering their self-development (in areas related to teamwork, leadership and intercultural communication.

Objectives of the project:

  • Promote a critical view of the emerging tourism model that we want to build, based on the defense of heritage, respect for nature and sustainable thinking;

  • Promote an entrepreneurial mentality in young people;

  • Improve self-confidence and sense of initiative of young people;

  • Raise awareness about the sustainability of different business models, understood as social sustainability, environmental and economic;

  • Understand the potential of slow travel as a form of sustainable tourism.

Participant profile:

  • participants 18-30 y.o. (4 + 1 group leader up to 35 y.o.);

  • Interested in the main topic;

  • Participants who are motivated to contribute and learn during the project;

  • Able to participate the whole project;

  • Priority: youngsters with fewer opportunities;

  • People involved and/or want to be aware of sustainable tourism and entrepreneurship among European Youth.

The Infopack has more details about the training, please, check it out!


There is a participation fee of 25€ in this project.

The application period is over, all the participants are recruited.


If you have any question, we will be happy to answer!

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