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Harmony in Diversity: Youth for Integration

The project we've been waiting for so long! And organized by us, the Ethos team!

“Harmony in Diversity: Youth for Integration” is an Erasmus+ youth exchange that will bring together 30 young people from Estonia, Lithuania, Türkiye, Spain and Cyprus in Estonia, Taevaskoja.


The project aims to address an issue in our communities by bringing together young people from various backgrounds to foster understanding and connection. Through this project, we seek to create a safe space for young people to share their stories and learn from one another, with the ultimate goal of promoting inclusivity and acceptance, regardless of language background.


The objective is to help youth better comprehend and appreciate each other's experiences, especially in the context of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Participant profile:

  • 6 participants 17-26 y.o. (5 + 1 experienced group leader);

  • Interested in the main topic;

  • Estonian-speaking participants - young people primarily from Estonian-speaking backgrounds, many of whom may have limited exposure to the experiences of linguistic minorities in Estonia;

  • Russian-speaking participants - includes young people from Russian-speaking backgrounds, many of whom may face identity and integration challenges in Estonia;

  • Participants who are motivated to contribute and learn during the project;

  • Able to participate the whole project;

  • Ready to participate in dissemination activities during and after the project.


For us the most important thing is that young people, for whom this topic is not just empty words, participate in the project (people for whom this topic is close and relevant). 

The Infopack has more details about the project, please, check it out!

The application period is over. 


If you have any question, we will be happy to answer!

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