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HED: Hike the Entreprenerurial Dream 

Topic: Sustainable Tourism & Slow Travel


The “Via degli Dei” is an ancient roman path 130km long which connects Bologna to Florence and is currently experiencing a huge amount of trekkers and peregrines everyday. APG and Arousa Moza decided to create a Youth Exchange that will bring participants to experience the hike by themselves in order to gain competences and attitude for developing an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on sustainable tourism as a means to create new job opportunities in a sustainable context.


  • Foster a critical look with the emerging tourism model that we want to build, based on the defense of heritage, respect for nature and thought to be sustainable

  • Regain confidence in the european market as a prolific environment for entrepreneurs

  • Foster an entrepreneurial mindset in the youth

  • Improve the self-confidence and sense of initiative of youths

  • Provide useful tools for future entrepreneurs

  • Rise awareness on the sustainability of different business models, meant as social, environmental and economic sustainability

  • Value the material and intangible heritage of our region

  • Understand the potential of slow travel as a sustainable way of tourism

Estonian partner in this project: MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

The application period has ended, all participants have been selected


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