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JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Have you ever had the feeling of being at home watching a film pick up your mobile phone, check Instagram stories of the people you are following and immediately feel like you are wasting your time, youth or even your life?

The feeling of "I’m never enough, I never do enough" has a name and it's called "FOMO" that stands for "Fear of Missing Out". Individuals who experience FOMO have a strange feeling when viewing photos or videos of people living a wonderful and almost unattainable life on social media platforms.

As a counter to this, the term "JOMO" has recently emerged. "Joy of Missing Out". That is, the joy of missing out on things. This philosophy allows the interpretations of the photos or videos on social media do not interfere with a person's life. It also opens the door to prioritize and invest time in things that really interest you, without looking at others.

With JOMO, you can step back and allow your head and body to rest, relieving the anxious symptomatology. In other words, we need those moments of intimacy doing what we really love for our mental health.

Participant profile:

  • 5 participants 18-30 y.o. (4 + 1 experienced group leader);

  • Interested in the main topic;

  • Participants who are motivated to contribute and learn during the project;

  • Able to participate the whole project;

  • Ready to participate in dissemination activities during and after the project.

The Infopack has more details about the training, please, check it out!

There is a participation [membership] fee of 25€ in this project.

The application period is over. 

If you have any question, we will be happy to answer!

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