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Make Erasmus Great Again (M.E.G.A.)

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The idea for this project was born from the continuous contact with youth workers sharing stories of their projects. During projects, unforeseen events appear. Sometimes youth workers don't know how to deal with this problems and misunderstandings. Sometimes we receive people in exchanges whom we do not know how to handle, in order for them and the group to have a positive experience.


Through this training course we intend to help youth workers to deal with these situations as good as possible.


Youth workers will share their experiences in the field of youth work. We will learn from the good practices of other associations and also from their mistakes. We will incorporate new ideas into the functioning of our entities, thus improving the experience of the young people with whom we cooperate.

The training course aims to:

  • Improve the capacity of partner associations to face unforeseen events

  • Increase the quality of projects

  • Understand human diversity and the problems that can be associated with this diversity (disability, religious differences, racial differences...)

  • Create a work network between the participating associations

  • Exchange good practices between associations and youth workers

  • Gain skills to resolve conflicts that appear in youth exchanges

  • Develop effective communication systems for work between associations, both between the associations themselves and with their volunteers

Check the infopack here

APPLICATION PERIOD IS OVER, all the participants have been selected

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