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Mindulness for You(th)

"Mindfulness for You(th)" is an Erasmus+ youth exchange that will bring together 35 young people from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Estonia and Italy in Eani Kozanis, Greece. We aim to spend 10 days together contributing for each other's personal growth with the help of non-formal education and group learning. Our aim is to empower young people through developing mindfulness skills.

Mindfulness culture: “Mind full or mindful?”

“Mindfulness for you(th)” is a unique opportunity to live a week with less distractions, less abuse, less addictions. We will try to put aside the things that hold us back, and try our best with the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Digital distractions can also pull us away from a clear mind, so we will try to spend more time offline and out in the nature. If you have difficulties dealing with such abuses, during the project you will find a protective and supportive environment.


The objectives of the project:

  • to come into contact with the concept of mindfulness;

  • to learn how to observe and be aware both of the environment and emotions - personal and others’;

  • develop digital skills;

  • gather all the necessary internal supplies using mindfulness techniques to listen to the body and mind;

  • develop soft skills that will help the participants’ ability to work with others and have a positive correlation with their professional life, such as satisfaction;

  • explore the Ikigai concept of finding their purpose in life.

Participant profile:

  • participants 18-30 y.o. (1 group leader + 6 participants);

  • Willing to learn about mindful career orientation;

  • Minimum level of English B1.

  • For the group leader: to be able to participate both in the project and advance planning visit in September.

The Infopack has more details about the youth exchange, please, check it out!


There is a participation fee of 20€ in this project.

Deadline for applying: 31.08.2023 [TEAM RECRUITED]

If you have any question, we will be happy to answer!

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