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In February, when it was quite cold and snowy in Estonia, a representative from Ethos Aleksandra had a long journey to the Caribbean islands, to sunny Martinique to attend Partnership Building Activity "STRUCTURES".

We had a very diverse group, which simultaneously brought together partners from the islands, but also from the mainland, there were several representatives from each country, and the goal of the activity was definitely networking and the creation of new initiatives and projects on the topic of the environment.

The needs for this project were clear: to establish strong partnerships that will help address the environmental challenges facing many overseas EU countries and territories. By working together, both sides basically leaned from each other and tried to find some solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each region.

The objectives of the project included developing Erasmus+ projects that will address environmental sustainability challenges in overseas territories, sharing knowledge and expertise, and building strong and lasting partnerships. Through these objectives, the project aimed to promote a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

We had a pretty productive time! We found new partners, exchanged ideas and visions for the programme, and even heard that some representatives of organizations had broken some negative stereotypes about Erasmus+... What we definitely understood this week is that there are quite a lot of organizations that stand for the values of the programme and work sincerely for the benefit of our society and our youth. That's so great to know!

As a result, we consulted with our youth, wrote and submitted a project for the February deadline: a youth exchange in Curaçao on the theme of animal activism! We cross our fingers and wait for the results!

One day we also had the opportunity to explore a little of the island and its reality, so now we are leaving back home to our countries with a suitcase of new emotions, impressions, knowledge, contacts, ideas and inspirations. Thanks to everyone involved and we sincerely hope to continue these cooperation!

Text: Aleksandra Galkina



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