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From Rural to Plural: the power of rural youth

This blog chapter will delve into the "From Rural to Plural" youth exchange held in Bran, Romania from 9th to 19th of April. 41 young people from Estonia, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Romania joined together to learn about the fundamentals of European citizenship and exchange their participation in democratic processes, with a focus on the upcoming 2024 European Parliament elections.

During these ten days, we went deeper into the layers of the European Union. Through different activities like a Parliament simulation and a press conference, we learned about EU's core values, goals and challenges it faces.

Domenik, group leader: "From Rural To Plural" was my first project as a national group leader. It was an experience developing not only my theoretical knowledge on rural youth involvement in EU processes, but also practical skills of assessing information critically and leadership skill development. With every Erasmus+ youth exchange my affirmation of "The more you put in, the more you get out" is getting reconfirmed. ELAGU EESTI!

This has definitely been one of the most exciting and special projects I've participated in. Through interactive sessions, I became more familiar with EU processes and learned why it's important for young people to speak up. It was also nice to share experiences and ideas with peers from other countries. This whole experience has been eye-opening and shows just how powerful it is when young people get involved. - Lisanna

"From Rural to Plural" was another unforgettable project for me. Everything from organisation to venue were top notch. I enjoyed every single moment of staying there and got both new acquaintances as well as knowledge concerning EU opportunities, parties and election process. Moreover, we dived into the topic of rural people and what can be done to empower their citizenship. In general I should say that the project brought only positive emotions and I am really glad to having participated in it. - Maksim

“From Rural To Plural” was my first Erasmus + project. It was an unforgettable experience that gave me a lot of new knowledge about the EU system, which introduced me to incredible people and gave me a chance to reveal myself and overcome my fears! Through various group activities and sessions, I discovered new ideas and opportunities for young people in EU. I am grateful to the organizers for such an excellent organization of the project and providing such an opportunity. I am very glad that I participated in this project. - Sofia

"From Rural To Plural" was my third Erasmus+ project. These days full of sessions gave me new knowledge about the EU and changed my perspective of the inclusion of youth in political processes. I became more aware of the opportunities of the youth to make EU a better place to live. Amazing participants and wonderful organisers made the experience unforgettable and I will definitely continue participating in such projects in the future. - Kert

My expirience being involved in Erasmus+ project “From Rural To Plural” was amazing. I got a lot new knowledge about how EU system works and what are the opportunities and possibilities for us, youth, for being involved in EU. I also got to meet all those lovely peers from other countries and those 8 days went by so quickly with them! I am grateful to the organizers for the incredible opportunity! And looking forwards to be active on the field! - Jannar

It was my first international project ever. I always dreamed about it and expected to practice my English skills, meet new people and learn something about other cultures, but it was much better. I learned some other languages besides English, like Spanish, Romanian and Slovak. Also I learned many things about European Union and Rural Youth. But firstly I met amazing people. Both: organisers and participants were absolutely wonderful. Because of them this project was perfect. I very hope to meet them once again in my life. Best experience ever! - Arseni


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