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From Rural to Plural: the power of [rural] youth

"From Rural to Plural - The power of [rural] youth & the European Elections" is a youth exchange for young people with the age between 16 and 25 years old that is going to take place in Bran, Romania, between 9th and 19th of April 2024.

Main objectives:

  • Empowering rural youth by providing them the tools, knowledge, and platforms to articulate their needs and aspirations and enable them to take active roles in their communities and beyond;

  • Developing democratic participation skills;

  • Promoting active citizenship by encouraging young people to become active citizens who are informed about their rights and responsibilities;

  • Fostering community organizing and leadership among young people;

  • Creating opportunities for young people to build networks;

  • Enhancing understanding of European values and identity by deepen participants' understanding of European values, such as democracy, solidarity, and diversity.

Participant profile:

  • 6 participants 16-25 y.o. (5 + 1 experienced group leader 20+ y.o.);

  • At least half of the participants will come from rural areas;

  • Passionate about rural youth empowerment;

  • Engaged in or curious about democratic processes;

  • Eager to learn and share;

  • No specific prior knowledge required;

  • Open to developing new skills;

  • Basic English is required;

  • Able to participate the whole project;

  • Ready to participate in dissemination activities during and after the project.

The Infopack has much more details about the project, please, check it out before applying!

There is a participation [membership] fee of 25€ in this project.

The application period is over.  


If you have any question, we will be happy to answer!

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