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Time 2 Act 3.0

This Youth Exchange intends to enable the personal, social and professional training of youngsters through the creation of learning opportunities in a multicultural environment. They will be able to not only understand and explore in depth what are the major problems that young people are facing, but also understand how can they be an active part of the solution.

The transition phase between finishing formal education and moving into working life is the most challenging period in the life of a young adult. If, on the one hand, young people are still building their identity, full of doubts and insecurities about their future, on the other hand, they are eager to achieve their independence and find their place in society.

Participant profile:

  • 6 participants between 18-30 y.o. (1 experienced team leader + 5 participants)

  • Motivated to interact and collaborate with participants from different geographical, social, and cultural contexts

  • Have a minimum basis of English

  • Lots of energy and motivation

  • There are 3 spots out of 5 for the youngsters from a background with fewer opportunities (What is that? Read more here)


There is a participation fee of 20€ in this project.

Deadline for applying: 5 May 2023

Check the Infopack here

UPD: All the participants have been selected, application period is over.

Серый Эстетичный Прямой Эфир Как Стать Дизайнером Соцсетей Инстаграм Пост (6).png
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