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976 Mayotte - Mont Choungui

In the south of Mayotte is located the second largest mountain of the island (594 m).

We went up there for the second time, and we liked it even more than the first time, because we climbed to watch the sunset!

By the way, if you look carefully and pay attention, you can see another island of the Comoros archipelago - Anjouan (the second largest of the Comoro islands). But we have not been there yet there is still too much to discover in Mayotte!

Climbing the mountain was actually not that easy, and back we were going completely in the dark. The rise is very sharp, you need to constantly grab onto the roots and stones with your hands.

This time we took a lot of water with us, otherwise we wouldn't have made it haha.

The place is absolutely wild, which makes it special.

Climbing is a bit more difficult during the rainy season because:

  • Due to the increased humidity, it becomes more difficult to breathe;

  • It can be very slippery in some parts of the route (be sure to wear special shoes!).

But it's definitely worth it!

The 360 degree panorama that opens up at the top is truly magnificent. Better to see with your own eyes.

Last technical fact: Choungui consists of the remains of one of the great volcanoes of Mayotte, more precisely a basalt cone formed by phonolitic extrusion, less sensitive to erosion than other volcanic rocks.


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