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Mindful Erasmus+ Leaders

From 1 to 8 October in Sweden (Floda, Gothenburg) a training course was held, which brought together 34 young leaders from 10 countries (Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland, Sweden and Tunisia).

The aim of this TC was to equip young leaders with the necessary tools and skills to improve the quality of the Youth Exchange programme starting with their own self-development. Group leaders who already gained different experiences in the previous YE's were offered to create appropriate models aimed at involving youngsters to initiate work and be proactive in their communities by themselves.

The project was hosted by PositiveYOUth and supported by Noored Ühiskonna Heaks.

From the experience of the participants of this project, we would like to share the personal opinion of some of them:

"I wish there were more such projects. So real, so professional and well organized, so honest and in which the soul is invested. I have been to several projects, and this project is definitely in my top 5. I learned a lot and a lot of things took for my future work as well. Thank you very much for this experience!"

During one week of the project participants, after getting to know each other better, dived into the basics of leadership, got acquainted with different styles of leadership through informal methods such as theater. Participants also tried to analyze their own style as leaders and correlate it with mindfulness. Participants learned to work in teams and give feedback.

We must say that the last few days became one of the highlights of the program, because all the people had a real opportunity not only to talk about leadership in theory, but also immediately apply knowledge in practice - everyone, divided into teams, were able to conduct their own hour long workshops for the rest of the group. It was so interesting to watch the creative process!

Thank you! We will definitely miss our morning routines and special experience lived there!

Three main topics of the project:

  • Motivation and self-awareness (among youth),

  • Self-assessment of the developing competencies,

  • Dissemination of results (practice).


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