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Plug and Play!🎶

Time to share the musical experience that Stella and Dmitri lived in the beginning of February in France! 🇫🇷

We went to Strasbourg, France to experience something we have never experienced. The project was called "Plug and Play" and it was a music production and lyricism training course for musicians or/and youth workers.

We (Stella and Dima) are both musicians so we wanted to go. The hosting association was Association Ballade and other participating countries were Germany, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France. The training lasted four days and every day was filled with activities.

On the first day we learned about rap music and wrote our own rhymes. Also started producing our own music. On the second day we had a lyricism workshop with Anna Mejlumian and wrote lyrics for our song. The Music producer and mentor, Alexander Ananyan was incredible helper. We had good connection and we learned very much from him.

On the last evening we had a concert in Blue Note Cafe. We thought it was a jazz bar but the public were very open to different genres of music.

There were many highlights from this trip but overall the most amazing thing was that we learned so much about French culture. Also we learned about another participants life experience, their culture.

We got a lot working skills, for example how music producing is very intense when things need to be done in a short period of time. All in all the experience was incredible. The people were so kind, very open. We learned about different people, different cultures, about ourselves, how music production works, how hard is to write lyrics from nothing and how to make a song from scratch. Merci beaucoup!

Text: Stella Liivik


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