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ABC: Art of Being Creative 🎨

It has already become our tradition to write a blog about past projects and share with people how this or that experience went! Today we are writing about Georgia! 🇬🇪

Georgia is a special country for us, because their hospitality, their nature, their people are something that just can't leave people indifferent! In 2023 we had several projects here - both as partners and hosts, but today we want to share about the project that took place in mid-October where we sent 3 wonderful girls to the training for youth workers "Art of Being Creative - ABC training on creativity for social inclusion".

This time the girls wrote the entire text themselves, adding extra details to each other, so we can share each of their perspectives!

"Embarking on the "The Art of Being Creative" Erasmus Plus project was more than just a journey - it was a transformative experience that transcended cultural boundaries and embraced the true essence of creativity, courage, and spontaneity.

Wandering through streets where cows roamed freely and horses galloped without reins, our perception of normalcy was challenged. In the heart of this picturesque chaos, a gang of dogs became our constant companions, offering protection and a sense of belonging that transformed us into the coolest gang in town.

The streets weren't just pathways; they were canvases waiting to be painted with the strokes of our shared experiences. One of the most daring act of creativity, we were handed two pens and sent on a village treasure hunt. While we didn't end up with an apartment like the famous experiment in the USA, we gained something far more valuable — unconditional support from strangers who spoke different languages but shared a common spirit of generosity.

In Erasmus+, it's always about the people, and this experiment highlighted the beauty of collaboration across cultures.

Amidst the whirlwind of experiences, one place held a special spot in our hearts — the accommodation owned by a local family. Despite facing a tragedy in their family, they welcomed us with open arms, embodying the true spirit of Georgian humbleness and hospitality. Their care and respect demonstrated the profound impact of human connection, transcending language barriers and cultural differences.

"The Art of Being Creative" was more than just a project — it was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the human spirit. From the chaos of free-roaming cows to the warmth of Georgian hospitality, every encounter painted a unique stroke on the canvas of our Erasmus+ journey.

It was all about embracing the unexpected, turning ordinary occurrences into extraordinary memories." - Hanna-Loora

"May the sun shine or the rain fall - it is your creativity that wants to have a call.

In October I set my way to reach Gonio, a town near Batumi, Georgia. It was a step to get more in touch with the creative side of me and to reach closer to becoming a facilitator or writing projects. Set together the different countries we worked on getting to know each other before moving deeper into topics. The first things that came to mind are... the people were absolutely amazing, with laughter and caring connections raising higher. I remember taking steps out of my comfort zone by having two workshops on my own. It was a nice way to practice my knowledge and test things out. I got to observe and learn from others and to take new skills on group management and some nice new activities into my collection. I learned how to release the creativity that has been calling me endlessly that I haven't been picking up anymore. It is time for me to answer that call and stop ghosting it." - Anette

"During October 15th to 23rd, creative minds from across Europe gathered in Gonio, Georgia, for the Training Course, "Art of Being Creative." The week was a burst of creativity, featuring workshops, improvisational performances and digital skills.

The unique mix of people from various European regions brought diverse cultural experience, creating memories that stayed forever in everyone’s heart ❤️ Gonio's historical richness and scenic views added an extra layer of charm to the entire experience.

We talked a lot about establishing NGOs and launching our own Erasmus+ projects. This event wasn't just a creative hub; it became a platform for networking, new friendships, and discussions about future initiatives with a professional touch." - Kateryna

In summary, "Art of Being Creative" was not just an Erasmus + project – it was a small life 🤩

Thanks to the girls for participating and excellent representation of Estonia and Ethos in Georgia, as well as to the organizers Educatio Ukraine, Med13 and Proactive Group Georgia.

See you again soon! #erasmusplus


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