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Hello to everyone who is passionate about different cultures and democracy! We want to share our incredible experience in Dobbrikow (Germany) during a week-long Erasmus+ Training Course.

The course was a joint effort led by PeWoBe and joined by 15 diverse associations from various European countries. We learned a lot about EU elections, promoting democratic values and encouraging young people to take part in European civic life. Our days were filled with workshops, learning sessions about non-formal education methods, simulation games, interesting discussions, and a visit to Europa Experience, a center in Berlin showcasing Europe's institutions.

Berlin itself was a fascinating mix of history and modern life. As we explored, we felt the city's rich past and witnessed how it has come together after being divided.

This is just the beginning of a bigger project. Each association will now organize local activities, building upon the ideas from our time in Dobbrikow. And to wrap it up, there will be a final meeting near Berlin in July 2024 to conclude this educational journey.

This project aims to empower young people to play an active role in creating a more inclusive Europe. We're excited about what comes next and hope you'll join us in supporting the ideals of European unity and celebrating our continent's diverse cultures.

A big thank you to our trainers, Martin, Irina, and Viktoria, as well as to the organizing association, for making this project possible! Looking forward to meeting again!


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