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Joy Of Missing Out

In mid-May, a team of five people participated in an Erasmus+ youth exchange project in the middle of beautiful landscapes of Galicia, Spain. The project, named "JOMO - Joy of Missing Out," aimed to explore the benefits of disconnecting from the digital world and embracing the present moment. This blog chapter brings together their unique experiences and insights from the week-long adventure 🧘🏻

Tommi shared that the concept of JOMO might seem a bit odd at first, but it truly works. "When you distance yourself just a bit from social media, enjoy your own company, the company of your friends and people close to you, if you live in the present, and truly try to do that, then you will have no longing for 'something else' that others might be doing and you might be missing out on, then you will have defeated FOMO. Well, okay, it's a bit hard to get over it completely, but even small steps help. Just go on your own path, take inspiration from others, but don't try to live the lives of others."

Katja found the project to be super cool and transformative. She reflected, "I've learned so much about myself and my relations with technologies. Never thought that a week away from my computer could make me want to start doing sports and hiking and kayaking and all of this, because normally I'm a 'chill on a sofa with a book' type of girl.

I've also learned a lot about social media usage - I don't really use it myself for a while now, but learning about other people's experiences was so interesting! I've learned that actually so many people think of quitting social media but are experiencing FOMO and not doing it. Overall, the project was amazing, loved every participant and it will stay with me as a warm memory of a great spring week in Galicia."

Boris found the project to be a very refreshing experience, noting that they spent as little time as possible on their phones and socialized a lot. "We played card games, shared experiences, and walked in nature. Truly a JOMO experience if you ask me. We were kayaking, doing activities near the river, in the forest, hiking, and generally spending time disconnected from the internet. As stated before, very refreshing and recharging.

The people I met during the project were amazing, the group dynamic was superb, and we had so much fun together. I deeply enjoyed my time spent with other participants. I am very glad I was given this opportunity by Ethos MTÜ, On My Way and the Erasmus+ programme to go to Spain and participate in this great project!"

For Ivan, the project was a great combination of a nature retreat and a discovery of himself. He recounted, "We spent a week in the middle of the beautiful nature of Galicia, a unique part of Spain with less warm weather and so much greenery. I liked that most of the activities were outside and a lot of them were active games and sports. I made huge progress in eliminating the fear of missing out on something and learned to listen better to my inner voice. And it's not only about social media usage. I'm happy to be a part of this project and to meet all the wonderful people there. This was a unique experience which I can recommend to everyone!"

The JOMO project was more than just a break from technology; it was a journey into the heart of nature and self-discovery. The participants found joy in the present moment, built strong connections, and learned invaluable lessons about themselves and their relationship with technology. Graciñas!

Text: Katsiaryna, Boris, Tommi and Ivan



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