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Tebaida Berciana: innovative ideas for our rural future 🍃

In September 17-24, four youth workers from Estonia, representing Ethos traveled to Peñalba de Santiago, Spain, to participate in a training course on rural entrepreneurship and innovation. The training, which was part of the Erasmus+ program, brought together 16 youth workers from Estonia, Turkey, Hungary, and Spain. 🇪🇪🇪🇸🇹🇷🇭🇺

The course was designed to provide participants with the tools and inspiration they need to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas. It included a mix of activities, workshops, and study visits, and it was held in the picturesque setting of the Tebaida Berciana.

It’s great that the training was held in this particular place, because we were able to study the topic not only in theory, but also see how it actually happens there, in one of the rural areas of Spain, and how the Spanish organization works with it. We realized that the topic was quite relevant, because local television even came to us to record what was happening!

So, practical skills, a local cantina, a 10th century church, getting to know the region, cultural evenings and dinners prepared by the participants, simulations on the topic, meeting with local politicians and much more that happened to us this week!

"An amazing experience! A luxury stay, with well planned activities, from hikes to guided tours. The workshops were very useful and the information very clear." - Ilja

"I 100% recommend the Erasmus+ program to all young people looking for international opportunities and personal growth. Once you embark on this adventure you will want to repeat." - Aleksandr

Thank you all and Valdeorras Vive for hosting us! And see you there again in the spring of 2024! Stay tuned because soon we'll post an open call! 😉 #erasmusplus



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