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Clear Skies Clear Minds 🌤️

Time to share a little bit about the Hungarian experience from October 💭

This project was all about showing how climate change affects both nature and the mental health of young people 🙇‍♂️

"Climate change is arguably the biggest issue our generation is faced with. The issue is so big, that it is hard to fathom what should be made in order to fix the problems. A lot of people fail to find the answers and this creates stress and anxiety which leads to mental health problems. These two topics although very different have a direct link between each other. Quite unexpectedly, exploration of this link led me to a village in Hungary, Pakozd. There I found out that I am far from being lonely in looking for answers: there are many other young people from all over Europe who ask these questions and are eager to do something. Through different sessions, discussions, and teamwork we learned much more about both topics and the link between them. We explored our differences and found out we got a lot in common. And when the departure day arrived, and I was yet again left on my own with my thoughts, I wasn't sad, because I had far more hope for the future than I had before the project." - Lev

It pointed out that climate change can cause stress, leading to more mental and physical health issues among young people, and that the government's actions (or lack of action) are a big part of the problem ☝️🌍

But the most important, what are the solutions?


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