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Learn to be a leader of future leaders 💥

If there are little over 15 enthusiastic youth workers and volunteers from Estonia, Spain, Greece, Romania, Germany/India, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Portugal in the same room, it only means that another Erasmus+ project is happening. So it was, as we got together in Targoviste, Romania to learn about youth leadership in an amazing training course called "Be a Leader.”

The workshops were all about becoming a good leader. We talked about leading young people, different leadership styles, helping and including everyone, and getting involved in our communities. It wasn't just talk; we learned real-life skills to make a positive difference where we live.

One day, we visited office of the organisers of this TC, Be You, learning how their visions have become reality now. We also explored the Royal Court and this cool Printing & Old Book Museum, getting a taste of Romania's awesome history.

But the best part? A trip to Peleș Castle. Yeah, it meant waking up early, but the castle in the Carpathian Mountains was like something out of a fairy tale. After checking out the castle and museum, we had a chill afternoon, lying on the grass, feeling the sun on our faces, and looking at the amazing mountains. We even went barefoot—a little touch of nature.

The course wasn't just about listening; we got to be teachers too. A guy from Germany had us play a game about trust, the Turkish team shared how they teach knowledge from Erasmus in their schools, and an Estonian helped us discover our work personalities better and how we can communicate better with each other. Also, we were able to create a booklet on leadership together. We came up with five cool activities that anyone can do to become a better leader.

"Be a Leader" wasn't your usual training course. It was a journey we all took together — discovering more about ourselves, sharing our cultures, and picking up skills that will make us leaders in the future. As we all headed home, we didn't just take memories of Romania; we took a fresh sense of purpose and the tools to make a positive impact in our own communities.


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